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Webasto is a global innovative systems partner to almost all automobile manufacturers. Our product portfolio comprises a broad range of roof and heating systems as well as battery systems and charging solutions. We at Webasto are continuously searching for new and innovative ideas and regard STARTUP AUTOBAHN as a chance to get in contact with founders and entrepreneurs as well as corporate collaboration partners to bundle our competencies and jointly work on new solutions shaping the mobility of tomorrow. Being enthusiastic about new technologies and innovation to create highly efficient quality products, constantly searching for improvements of our internal processes and finding new ways of working and collaborating are essential parts of our corporate culture.

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Enhancing cabin ambiance and functionality with ultra-thin and flexible LED lighting

LEDs have become more popular in automotive interior lighting as they can create an immersive illumination experience that enhances mood, wellbeing, and comfort. Besides offering an effective brand differentiation, they can also improve driver and passenger awareness of external obstacles through visual cues. Whether for luxury, infotainment, or safety use cases, interior lighting is becoming a must-have feature in automotive design.

This Project Teaser is also featured on our agenda. Click to see more.

11:15on July 22, 2021(11:15 AM UTC)

DesignLED and Webasto Teaming up to Design Interior Headlight of Future Roof System

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Project Teasers can be accessed and downloaded on the respective program startup profiles with which our STARTUP AUTOBAHN partners teamed up with.
For this POC the following startup has been involved:

Design LED Products


Design LED Products


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Integrating vacuum technology into convertible roofs to improve stiffness, deformation resistance, and shaping

There are two types of convertible roofs: so called hard- and softtops. Hardtops provide similar characteristics as closed roofs, but occupy a large space within a car. They usually consist of metal or plastic. In contrast, soft roofs are usually made of textile materials. They can be retracted without occupying so much space but lack the robustness of a hardtop. Designing and developing new solutions that can bring together the best of both worlds remains an important challenge in modern automotive engineering.

Project Teasers can be accessed and downloaded on the respective program startup profiles with which our STARTUP AUTOBAHN partners teamed up with.
For this POC the following startup has been involved:

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A sneak peak of the agenda. Find out more on the comprehensive overview.

July 21st, 2021 – Wednesday

1:00 PM (UTC)

0:20 h

Grand Opening Ceremony – STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play EXPO 10

Meet STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play: all 29 Partners, Champions, and the Plug and Play Team.



Founders Talk



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Together we're celebrating 5 incredible years of open innovation at STARTUP AUTOBAHN. Throughout our Grand Opening stream, we will hear from top-industry level voices and highlight some of the most innovative, game-changing technologies that have graduated from our program.

Learn what this Open Innovation Platform is all about from our 29 Partners, Champions, and the Plug and Play Team. Plus, meet our Founding Team representatives speak with our Moderator DanRam about the WHY, and celebrate the past 5 years and 10 programs of STARTUP AUTOBAHN in this short video.

Hosts of this session

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2:00 PM (UTC)

0:20 h

Meet the Program 10 Startups and Technologies and Success Cases from Past Programs

Get a sneak-peek into the tech of Program 10 and 9 of the best Pilot Projects in Mobility, Production, Sustainability, Enterprise and beyond.




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We give the stage to the most successful, innovative, and game-changing startups and business units of our current Program 10.

Without further ado, please meet the current batch: Atlatec, Beeplanet, Brighter AI, Cybellum, Delicious Data, DesignLED, Drishti, Dycotec Materials, Embold, Endel, Excelfore, German Autolabs, Gestoos, Kontrol, NODAR, NXRT, PeakBoard, PlanCo, Polymertal, PreAct Technologies, S1Seven, Sensel,, Terranet, Textia, Vencortex, Viezo, WheelMe, and Yuri Gravity.

On top of this, meet a small collection of the best of the past 5 years:

July 22nd, 2021 – Thursday

11:15 AM (UTC)

0:45 h

DesignLED and Webasto Teaming up to Design Interior Headlight of Future Roof System

Especially relevant for OEMs and Autom, Suppliers in interior

Breakout Session






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Especially relevant for OEMs and Autom, Suppliers in interior 

We will showcase a solution on how to illuminate roof liner materials in a thin system with dynamic lighting. Learn more about the showcased solution and ask questions about the underlying technology and application. We will show our small prototype and want to discuss what customers and car buyers would like to have in the sphere of light in the roof system.

Hosts of this session

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EXPO 10 might not be completely wrapped up yet, but we are already in preparation stage for our first big event in 2022. Apply now for your chance to participate the coming spring as we bring together innovators from around the world, showcasing new technologies and party another round of successfull STARTUP AUTOBAHN startups.

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