Next Level Aftersales Twin - linking CAD-Data, Meta Data and workshop media to create a new product understanding – Porsche & SPREAD

This session will give insights in Product Intelligence Platforms, Next Level Product Insights, Aftersales Digital Twin, Intelligent CAD-Data Analytics and Intelligent workshop media

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Especially relevant for Engineers, aftersales editors, production planning, development, workshops, and technicians.

Get to know the challenges and day-to-day tasks for the Porsche Aftersales department – from repair validation over repair media creation to defining service-time and -package.

With the support of SPREAD, Porsche is gradually building a cross-departmental (aftersales-wide) intelligent CAD/Product-solution that, through its analytics and data enrichment capabilities, digitizes and democratizes product understanding. Making this product understanding accessible to each and every employee in the aftersales department.

Get to know and discuss the Porsche Approach how Porsche wants to achieve step by step the Next Level Aftersales Twin and share the current state of your organization to discuss possible recommendations and suggestions to take your organization to the next level of product understanding (intelligent CAD understanding).

This presentation reports on experiences and shows a possible approach to approach the topic of the Digital Twin pragmatically and use case-based step-by-step.

Searches for product-relevant information and redundant/recurring manual activities can be reduced more and more. In this way, the tasks are shifted from reality (checking on the real model) to 100% digital assurance and digital product understanding.

We will discuss and answer the following questions:

  • How can you teach a system to have the same understanding as an engineer and at the same time enrich product data to the smallest screw?
  • What is the approach to building an intelligent CAD analysis system step by step? What are important milestones? Which prerequisites do I have to create in the organization, system landscape, and processes?

**Learnings gained: **

  • New Insights in CAD-Data Analytics
  • How to classify and enrich product data with geometrical/mechanical information sets and understanding
  • Understanding how a solution can analyze dependencies of direct and indirect connected parts
  • A standardized approach to enriching and analyzing product data to achieve maximum value for an organization.

Agenda & Topics

All times CET, Berlin/Germany

  • Challenges and definition of the starting point
  • Stages of digitization and the foundation of intelligent solutions
  • Porsche Digital Aftersales Workshop Media Strategy and approach with SPREAD
  • Presentation of Use Case 1: Intelligent Filtering of Neigboring Parts
  • Conclusion and outlook
  • Discussion

Project Teaser

This session is associated with a pilot project that has been developed throughout our most recent STARTUP AUTOBAHN program. The comprehensive overview of this collaboration can be found below.

Next Level Digital Twin: Linking CAD- Data, Meta Data and Automotive Workshop Media to Create a New Product Understanding

A car consists of about 30,000 parts . When repairing a specific car part, workshop technicians use repair manuals: step-by-step guides on how to take out parts. To create these manuals, the workshop media editors need to understand the dependencies, e.g. how and where parts are connected to each other and need to identify special technical details, e.g. safety- critical parts, torque, time value. Obtaining such information previously required intensive and time-consuming searches in multiple sources, such as Excel lists, databases, PDFs, and required very experienced editors who are product data experts. With the electrification of vehicles and the accompanying change in vehicle architecture, new specific product knowledge must be built up for the editors, which must be communicated simply and intuitively in the workshops. Porsche has thus partnered up with the Berlin-based company SPREAD.

Project Teasers can be accessed and downloaded on the respective program startup profiles with which our STARTUP AUTOBAHN partners teamed up with.
For this POC the following startup has been involved:





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