Hybrid Design for Lightweight and High-Performance Application – Schaeffler & Polymertal

This session will give you insights into Lightweight Design, Hybrid Materials, Performance and Sustainability

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Reduction of weight and costs with simultaneously increasing power efficiency are the main drivers in vehicle development and future drive train applications.

The lightweight design of vehicles can be achieved in many different ways that include material substitution, wall thickness reduction, redesign of the part shape and size, elimination of redundant parts, and consolidation of several parts into one or two without sacrificing the overall structural integrity. The combination of polymers and metals enables a hybrid design, merging the best of both worlds. To this extent, the metal coating of polymer parts can serve as an alternative to metals. The entire supply chain of metals from mining to final part production still bears a huge environmental and social impact, which can be significantly reduced by the hybrid part solutions.

Schaeffler Advanced Production Technology Team conducted a project with Polymertal during Program 10. Together we aim to solve complex challenges that arise both from the material and the manufacturing process. The partnership consists of Schaeffler’s expertise and decades of experience as a leading solution provider for automotive and industrial segments along with Polymertal’s innovative material composition and know-how of the production process.

We will discuss the following questions:

  • Introduction to Lightweight Design in Automotive
  • Why Hybrid Materials found its way from Aerospace to Automotive
  • Insights into Schaeffler and Polymertal’s approach and scaling potential for series production

Project Teaser

This session is associated with a pilot project that has been developed throughout our most recent STARTUP AUTOBAHN program. The comprehensive overview of this collaboration can be found below.

Functional hybrid bearing components made from hybrid materials

Hybrid materials, which are made by joining several materials, play an important role in many different industrial applications, due to their properties that enable lightweight structures and increased performance, such as durability and shock absorption. In particular, the global bearing market will witness increasing demand for hybrid materials and additive manufacturing tech- nologies.

Project Teasers can be accessed and downloaded on the respective program startup profiles with which our STARTUP AUTOBAHN partners teamed up with.
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