Augmented Strategy. How to Combine Human Intuition with Insights From Data to Make Better Strategic Decisions, Faster – Vencortex

This session will give you insights in Augmented decisions and Artificial Intelligence

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Especially relevant for busy executives and leaders with P&L responsibility, who are always looking for an edge and care a lot about achieving better business results.

The business world became more uncertain, complex, and dynamic than ever before. In uncertain times many organizations accepted to fly blind resulting in the fact that most companies are not performing at their full potential. Business Leaders of the 2020s, however, understand that their ability to make effective and fast decisions prevents their organization from being blind to changes in market conditions, customer perceptions, and their business models. Augmented decision-making improves your ability to know exactly where you are going. It becomes a competitive differentiator.

We will discuss the following questions:

  • How to combine human intuition with insights from data to make better strategic decisions, faster
  • We revisit strategic decision-making and show how companies that can manage more uncertainty than others, confidently and with skill, have the ultimate advantage for the 21st century.

Agenda & Topics

All times CET, Berlin/Germany

  • Revisiting strategy
  • How data can be used to augment strategic decisions for better results
  • How does it look like in organizations
  • Preliminary idea

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