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As a leading global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors, Schaeffler has been pioneering and driving forward groundbreaking developments in the fields of motion and mobility for over 70 years. With innovative technologies, products, and services for CO₂-efficient drives, electric mobility, Industry 4.0, digitalization, and renewable energies, the company is a reliable partner for making motion and mobility more efficient, intelligent, and sustainable. Thinking outside the box and strategic collaboration with startups are a core element of our innovation strategy. With STARTUP AUTOBAHN, we have found the perfect network for further developing our core business together with strong partners. The partnership is a key initiative of our Roadmap 2025. Together, we want to create the progress that moves the world.

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Functional hybrid bearing components made from hybrid materials

Hybrid materials, which are made by joining several materials, play an important role in many different industrial applications, due to their properties that enable lightweight structures and increased performance, such as durability and shock absorption. In particular, the global bearing market will witness increasing demand for hybrid materials and additive manufacturing tech- nologies.

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12:20on July 22, 2021(12:20 PM UTC)

Hybrid Design for Lightweight and High-Performance Application – Schaeffler & Polymertal

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July 21st, 2021 – Wednesday

1:00 PM (UTC)

0:20 h

Grand Opening Ceremony – STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play EXPO 10

Meet STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play: all 29 Partners, Champions, and the Plug and Play Team.



Founders Talk



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Together we're celebrating 5 incredible years of open innovation at STARTUP AUTOBAHN. Throughout our Grand Opening stream, we will hear from top-industry level voices and highlight some of the most innovative, game-changing technologies that have graduated from our program.

Learn what this Open Innovation Platform is all about from our 29 Partners, Champions, and the Plug and Play Team. Plus, meet our Founding Team representatives speak with our Moderator DanRam about the WHY, and celebrate the past 5 years and 10 programs of STARTUP AUTOBAHN in this short video.

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2:20 PM (UTC)

0:25 h

Executive Panel: Road to Carbon Neutrality: Towards a Fully Integrated Transport Ecosystem

Dr. Stefan Hartung, Member of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH; Uwe Wagner, Chief Technology Officer at Schaeffler AG; Dr. Josef R. Wünsch, SVP R&D Performance Materials at BASF


Executive Panel


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Current trends such as carbon-neutral manufacturing and zero-emissions vehicles demonstrate the growing significance of sustainability in the automotive industry. These trends are not just driven by the introduction of stricter emissions regulations, but also by greater awareness of environmental issues within our society and a growing interest among consumers in sustainable and innovative vehicles.

Today’s panel discusses the vehicle of the future across the whole value chain and how companies can achieve their sustainability goals by aiming towards a fully integrated transport ecosystem

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2:55 PM (UTC)

0:20 h

New Partner Experience and Announcement

Meet the new Partners of STARTUP AUTOBAHN.




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STARTUP AUTOBAHN is honored to announce five new industry partners to the platform to work together on the Future of Mobility, Production, Enterprise, Sustainability, and beyond. Learn from them, what are their goals with STARTUP AUTOBAHN, and what strategies do they have to achieve it.

On top of this, our newest Partners Schaeffler, Novelis, and Maxion will share their first experience and outcomes on the fresh partnership. As an example, Schaeffler will show one of their first pilots with the Program 10 Startup Polymertal.

3:15 PM (UTC)

0:15 h

Pioneering in Motorsports – From Race to Road

Daniel Abt, German racing driver



Thought-Leader Talk

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Schaeffler is a pioneer in motorsports, as demonstrated by its involvement in Formula E and DTM Electric. Uwe Wagner, Chief Technology Officer at Schaeffler, and racing driver and Schaeffler brand ambassador Daniel Abt answer questions about how the agility of motorsport increases Schaeffler's innovative strength.

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July 22nd, 2021 – Thursday

12:20 PM (UTC)

0:15 h

Hybrid Design for Lightweight and High-Performance Application – Schaeffler & Polymertal

This session will give you insights into Lightweight Design, Hybrid Materials, Performance and Sustainability





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Especially interesting for R&D Executives and Experts, Innovation Managers and Advanced Material Experts

Reduction of weight and costs with simultaneously increasing power efficiency are the main drivers in vehicle development and future drive train applications.

The lightweight design of vehicles can be achieved in many different ways that include material substitution, wall thickness reduction, redesign of the part shape and size, elimination of redundant parts, and consolidation of several parts into one or two without sacrificing the overall structural integrity. The combination of polymers and metals enables a hybrid design, merging the best of both worlds. To this extent, the metal coating of polymer parts can serve as an alternative to metals. The entire sup…

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