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This session will give you insights in Smart Surface and Intuitive HMI.

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Especially relevant for HMI Designer, Vehicle interior department from OEM, Surface technology expert, Engineering from Touch & Sensing.

Motherson is actively working on innovative solutions for intuitive HMI for touch sensing and lighting with a variety of surface technologies. It has tied up with Dycotec and Sensel for two different projects. Dycotec is providing a solution for transparent ink based on which a touch sensor film was produced and integrated together with a display for a high-resolution touch experience. Sensel is providing a solution of touch and haptic which is integrated with a soft surface material for an intuitive HMI control with an aesthetic feel.

What learnings or insights will the participants take away from the session?

Sensel will answer the following questions: What technology and integration approach offers seamless and sleek smart surfaces with a high-quality touchpad that also offers haptic feedback?

Breakthrough solution on integrating touchpad function to smart surfaces with seamless integration, while maintaining high precision finger movement detection and pleasant haptic feedback.

Seamless design with a seamless and simple aesthetic look has been the main theme for smart surfaces. While we have been able to successfully integrate smart buttons and sliders HMI, there are some technical challenges when we want to integrate high resolution-high precision-high linearity of touchpad into smart surfaces. This collaboration project between Motherson and Sensel shows our expertise as a Smart Surface Tier 1 supplier by offering a high-quality smart surface with seamless integration of touchpad with crisp and pleasant haptic feedback

Motherson pushed forward innovations of smart surfaces by offering seamless integration of intuitive HMI which offers simplicity, yet the aesthetic design of the touchpad with the leather surface.

Dycotec will answer the following questions: What is the solution for a transparent touch sensor on a large area, that is suitable for "interactive lighting" application?

High precision printing using highly transparent and high conductivity ink from Dycotec shows the capability of Motherson as a one-stop solution for "interactive lighting" for car interiors.

The future of interior lighting extends from simple reading light to interactive surface with high-resolution backlighting. To provide surface interactivity with the user, we need a touch sensor solution that is highly transparent and at the same time keeps the function as high-resolution touch sensors within the touchable surfaces. Dycotec inks allow us to extend our capability as a Tier 1 supplier that has a one-stop solution for all the key components, including sensing, lighting, and surfaces, along with mechanical integration for a high-quality final product.

The collaboration between Motherson and Dycotec has allowed us to fine-tune both ink materials of Dycotec as well as our engineering and production parameters which results in wide-area high definition touch for interactive lighting.

Agenda & Topics

All times CET, Berlin/Germany

15:00 - Company introduction Motherson

15:06 - Company introduction Dycotec

15:10 - Presentation of PoC with Dycotec

15:20 - Company introduction Sensel

15:24 - Presentation of PoC with Sensel

15:34 - Q&A

Project Teaser

This session is associated with a pilot project that has been developed throughout our most recent STARTUP AUTOBAHN program. The comprehensive overview of this collaboration can be found below.

Creating a new customer experience with intuitive touch surfaces for automotive applications

When Apple introduced its first iPhone in 2007, it was equipped with a capacitive touchscreen , which was a new and exciting display technology. Previous devices were usually equipped with resistive screens, which were error-prone and imprecise. Since Apple first brought the iPhone to market, touchscreens and touch surfaces have experienced rapid technological advancements with ever shorter innovation cycles, leaving the resistive touchscreen mostly a relic of the past. Motherson is seeking to take these advancements one step further and teamed up with Sensel to develop new touch surfaces that are no longer limited to displays alone.

Project Teasers can be accessed and downloaded on the respective program startup profiles with which our STARTUP AUTOBAHN partners teamed up with.
For this POC the following startup has been involved:





Access Startup

Improving the HMI experience by enhancing high-resolution touch sensors with advanced inks

With the rising popularity of smartphones in the past decade, touch screen interfaces have become the preferred way of controlling smart devices. This development has also affected the automotive sector, which had to rethink the interior design of vehicles to create a more comfortable and safer touch interface. In addition, customer satisfaction largely depends on how easily and effectively people are able to interact with their car. Hence, the automotive sector is looking for ways to improve sensing technology and adapt it to the automotive design.

Project Teasers can be accessed and downloaded on the respective program startup profiles with which our STARTUP AUTOBAHN partners teamed up with.
For this POC the following startup has been involved:

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